The power of purpose

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Living your preplanned life

Romans 8:28

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

The truth is, we are all born with a purpose, yet so many are stranded on one of life’ s isolated beaches.

This year the women in South Africa feel that there is no reason to celebrate due to all the gender-based violence caused by men. Many women of all ages are joining forces to protect the vulnerable amongst women and children, bringing out a united voice.

For every woman, there is a “time like this ‘ – a purposeful moment when she needs to step forward, just like Esther, when her nation was in great danger..(Esther 4)

Factors that bring out purpose in our lives


It is during difficult times and adversity that we sometimes find our true purpose. It can offer a platform for purpose to give birth and appear during times you’d never expect it to.

*Pain and suffering

Most of the time we are uncomfortable and impatient with pain or other kinds of suffering. Suffering can be a long – or short term experience, but it has a seasonal date; so it has to end! However, it is a journey where we have to discern the qualities or possibilities of breakthroughs.


I believe that most birthing places for purpose are opportunities coming our way, putting us in a place where we belong. It offers us an environment where we can bloom and punch adversity in the face!

Interesting truths

Josephine Ngatia

Knowing your life purpose is the beginning of the journey towards your destiny. There is much more along the way. It will take you a lifetime to fulfill your life purpose.

Richard Leider

Purpose requires an aim outside ourselves.

Point is : We all long for a purposeful life. Some search for it desperately, but ends up in the wrong places. I believe that we find our purpose outside ourselves, in God who fills us with His grace to live accordingly.



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