Blogging Diary 5

A series of personal weekly blogging experiences – dialogues with God .

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Sometimes I forgot

I am not my own brand

Instead , I am because You are.

I hear, I see

because you generously let me

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I cannot explore

In a certain field

Unless You expand my perimeters

In the area where you want to lead

To find a broken heart

a wounded soul

to breathe life , to heal, to touch.

I cannot lift up my pen

Unless You breathe out motivation.

Neither can I post

If not Your time.

But before anyone else

You touch me first, whisper in my ear,

You touch my heart first with your

Unconditional love .

Although some adversity experienced

You enable my heart to discern

Whether series or poem.

Wonderful Counselor…


Ps.Oh, by the way.2 things I am especially thankful for :

1.Thank you for letting me download the freebie schedule,Lord 🤗

2.Thank you for these wonderful bloggers you used to shed some light on how to improve





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