The Esther Series

You dwell in the courtyard

In the palace of your King

Offering your songs of worship

Expecting the wind to bring His answer

For you to hear His call or

Approval whilst waiting

From where He is sitting, waiting

To hear the sounds

of your soft footsteps

your humble presence

Loyal to hear your plea

You tilt your heart

To touch His staff of favour.

Greatly favored

And significant breakthroughs

Is granted unto you!

Esther’s journey

A woman in prayer is fighting her battles through prayer. She is sure to receive approval from God and multiple breakthroughs.

Before you desire to do anything, approach God first.


16 thoughts on “Gatekeeper

  1. “Threshold=God is the gatekeeper of the Shepard’s sheep that Jesus protects from Satan’s gates of hell.”_-Van Prince

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