Created for a time like this

Where purpose meets challenge

Difficult times journeyed with man and generations ever since biblical – and ancient times, even royalty was not spared. The human race tried different strategies and consulted many experts on the field, trying to solve trials and pandemics through the ages.

Jeremiah 29:11

I know the plans (purpose) I have for you.

These characteristics and values were tested during a time of great danger for Esther and her nation when the king made a decree, on-demand of their enemy, Haman.

Individuals are born with a specific godly purpose to fulfill at a certain time of his or her life. Esther is the daughter of Mordechai’s uncle, and thus, Esther and Mordechai are first cousins.  Esther or Hadassah was a young orphaned girl raised by Mordechai as her uncle after her parents died and he certainly made sure she knew her roots, knowledge about God as well as a relationship with Him. The development of the story about this young Jewish woman clearly shows the importance of mentoring.

Woman+Challenges = Faith Strategy

1. If you’re in a more favorable position of power or financially stronger, do not turn your back on family, your community, or nation.

2. Keep in touch with your loved ones. Although Esther was living in the king’s palace as the new queen now, she kept contact with her uncle. Their faith connection was strong enough to encourage in troubled times or hardship.

3. We need brave, courageous , and strong in faith women to step forward, from within the crowds.

4. Speak up and let your voice be heard. Speak up for the vulnerable and the poor within your community and nation.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadiofrom Pexels

5. Intercede – To speak or pray on behalf of your people, even if it means your own life is in danger. Esther was willing to make a risky sacrifice and thereby putting her life in danger.

6.Take your petitions and requests to God through fasting and Prayer in difficult times. Seek God’s favor regarding the issues of your community, your family, and your country.

7.The golden line of a mentor or life coach. During difficult times we tend to seek advice, then it has to be a trustworthy source.

We are living in difficult times, facing great adversity and the poor and vulnerable need hope and assistance.

Photo by Dominika Roseclayfrom Pexels



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