Easy steps DIY slippers

Crochet hacks

To crochet slippers can be fun and easy, even a beginner can make it by just following the simple steps.

You will just need some wool, crochet pen, filling for the sole, and a needle for sewing the parts together.

First, start with the soles. For one slipper you need to crochet 2. The outer part gets an extra 3 rounds of slip stitches.

Then I filled it with some of the fiber of an old cushion.

The upper piece

I made the upper using the Loop stitch and stitched it onto the side of sole .

Canva creations

Love to create❤



4 thoughts on “Handcrafted

  1. Looks beautiful, my wip is a pair of gray crochet slippers 😁😁
    I will be completing it this week hopefully. Will do a post about it. But they are not half beautiful as yours are😯😯🥺🥺🥺🥺

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