Created to…

Great P.A of her husband

Influencer in business
Color on the pallet of your creator

Wonderfully and uniquely created in the womb
Set aside for the purpose of the Almighty
Ordering your steps to your destiny…

Taken from Facebook

A Good Samaritan

Woman in Action

Taken from Facebook

A South African Photojournalist Ayanda Ndumane, took a photo of a boy ,Azola Papu, emulating some police officers. It made such a stir on social media and the news, that a local TV actress, Nompilo Maphumolo, visited him.

To seek attention?

No! Definitely not. She just reported for Godly purpose and duty. This is just the way God created women. I saw her compassion as she cried while talking to the media.

Azola’s mother died of meningitis and is now living with extended family.

Nompilo has been supporting them with food since the lockdown brought some hardships of its own. She also pleaded with everyone to help her to start a trust to ensure the boy’s education.

This sounds just like the characteristics of the parable about the good Samaritan in Luke 10.

  • 1.Empathy towards fellow man
  • 2.Getting hands-on : HELP
  • 3.Going the extra mile
  • 4.Care
  • 5. Speaking and acting on behalf of the vulnerable.
  • 6.Finishing what he started
  • 7.Settling his debts
  • 8.Keeping in touch

Do not wait for someone’s approval.

Just do it !



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