Encounters: The essence of mentoring

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Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.

I am concluding this week’s topic about fellowship with the importance of mentoring as an important aspect of our day to day life, although it will be relevant to my next writing series.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a teacher, instructor, counselor, or specialist in a certain field of expertise. Such a person can be older or young depending on the field of expertise needed. Mentoring actually starts at home where the parents supervise children or family members during small or bigger tasks and life experiences ;helping, give guidance and council.

What does a mentor ‘s job entail?

Every aspect of the above is vital in mentorship, but motivation and support is basic elements throughout the whole process.

The mentor encourages the mentee during challenging situations and tasks, helping them to stay positive and thereby allowing them to complete the task or when going through an ordeal.

The mentor, although it is sometimes difficult, must allow the mentee to make mistakes. By allowing them to make mistakes the effectiveness and credibility of the mentor are being exposed. After giving guidance, my mentor always advised me to decide for myself, taking it to God.

Another unspoken value in mentorship is patience. Some children or persons can be stubborn and learn through various mistakes or opportunities. Mentors should not be judgmental when trainees make mistakes: “I told you so” will probably send out signs of discouragement.

A mentor must know the strengths and weaknesses of trainees in order to mentor more effectively and to create effective support- and guidance plans. This will enable the mentor to know when to challenge the mentee, council, or correct in a harsher manner.

Although a mentor has his or her own life challenges, positivity plays an important role in mentoring.

Mentorship is a big responsibility when taken seriously and should be able to lead to success eventually.

The importance of having a mentor.

Our society today reveals the absence of mentors in business, churches, households, and especially among youth.

Mentors give direction through advice and support and help others to set realistic goals on their way to success, more because they have experienced possible situations and tasted the fruits.

Their expertise and experience can be greatly appreciated and channeled into any organization through delegation.

Mentorship gives mentees a sense of trust and enthusiasm to face difficult tasks or situations.


Although there is so much more to say about the topic, I shared my experience as a mentor and being a mentee when I was young. I am a still lifelong trainee in the service of God through the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Mentors must be recognized as an essential part of our lives, shaping young or raw talent into a successful career or individual, which in return has a great influence on society. It is just so sad that this effective tool since biblical times is not always being recognized or implemented.



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