Crochet with a twist

Who said woolen wear is old fashioned? Not to mention crochet?

Yes, maybe; but then you have to be creative about it. I incorporate other techniques in it to stir attention.

I took white and a type of green wool and twisted it together. First I made a loop and crochet 15 short trebles. I continue with 4 rows like this, double crochet every two front loops, for the top part of the hat.

Then I single crochet around to shape the form of the hat for 5 rows. Now, this is where the twist comes in. On the front part of the hat only, I crochet 4 more rows and finished it off with green.

I curled up the front and attached a pom to the side .

Adding to my hat cupboard.

Check out my funky woolen hat here.



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