Yarn project

I started experimenting crocheting with yarn recently and I really like it.

How is crocheting with yarn different to wool?

Yarn is thicker than wool depending on the types of material and cuts. So, if you compare a woolen piece to a piece from yarn, 2 rows from wool will equal one row with yarn. Also, keep in mind the desired size.

I started the foot piece with 10 chain stitches and crochet around the chain stitches. Then I started shaping the front with an extra row from one end to the other side .

I used another color to crochet one row around and double crochet at the back of the slipper. Then I used 10 chains to start with the front upper top piece and shaped it onto the front part of the foot piece. I used a needle and thread (same yarn)/to stitch upper front piece onto base.

Now, my favorite part, pom poms! To give the slipper a soft and comfy feel and look, I made pom poms from wool and shape and flattened it with scissors. Then I used a needle and wool to stitch pom poms onto foot piece.

I used scissors to shape poms further onto the foot piece and to give it a neat look.

I used a pom made from chiffon to decorate, but anything from a ribbon or woolen pom will also do the trick.

Love to try new things.



7 thoughts on “Yarn project

  1. You make it look so easy! I’ve never figured out what the difference is between wool and yarn in English, so thanks for clarifying, I’ll try to remember! And then there is ‘thread’, but I think that is for sewing and embroidery, right?

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