Resting in prayer

The rewards of waiting

Prayer is a diverse topic as we are individuals and reacts towards God accordingly, and He towards each one of us. Each individual has reacted in prayer at a certain point in his or her life…  Visited. Some chose to stay in the house of prayer and worship.

Earlier, I wrote an article about a personal experience. I was waiting for the day that I was going to write a follow-up, to testify to you about the grace and favor of our God. You can read about it here to understand my testimony.

Minister to your open door

My daughter is currently a postgraduate in Information Technology and Science. I am just a teacher in South Africa and we all know the rates they are compensating us here and I’m also homeschooling my son who is in grade 10. Well, I had no choice to seek God’s favor and help. She applied for quite a few bursaries .

This time, as I experienced in prayer, it was different challenges to face during the process, asking God, received through faith, and thanking God in advance. It asked for bigger sacrifices through fasting and staying in the rest, assurance of the Lord; but steadfast in faith. It kind off reminds me of the Daniel experience.

Daniel 10: 12

Then he said, “Don’t be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day you began to pray for understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your request has been heard in heaven. I have come in answer to your prayer.

Another strategy was equipping my daughter in her walk with the Lord. As a young believer, I had to constantly encourage her to settle in the rest of the Lord, waiting in thanksgiving. This is a very difficult aspect for none  – and young believers, to wait, believing that God is working on our behalf. The great benefit of this was that it brought her fellowship with God to a new level.

Each time we approached God we had to make sure that there were no hindrances from our side for example sin in our lives. When the Holy Ghost revealed any sin in our lives, we eagerly confessed, for unrepentant sin hinders your answers in prayer.


Two weeks ago, a company, to whom she just answered a questionnaire, invited her for an online interview, a few questions to answer and she made it to their shortlist.

Last week, they invited her to an interview on Google meet. I suspected in my heart that God is doing more than we asked for, but I kept it in my heart, thanking Him, declaring this verse over her life, making it personal.

Jeremiah  29

11. For YOU know the plans YOU have for HER,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper HER and not to harm HER, plans to give HER  hope and a future.

Finally, after a waiting period since January, God fulfilled his promise and He is faithful. This company called this week to inform her that they will be granting her the bursary…as well as a learnership at their company for next year.

Prayer is still the most rewarding act and experience because we release everything into the capable heart of the Lord.

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God answers. Be prepared to wait and buckle up! The ride sometimes gets bumpy.😊

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