Finding time to connect

In today’s buzz, it is an enormous challenge to find quality time to connect with friends, family, and God. In fact, it is certainly the excuse of most of us: “I do not have time.” There are just about a few hours a day. Well, if you’re a night person you’ve got some extra time.

At least the pandemic leaves some of us with more time to spend with ourselves, allowing us to grow in connecting with those close to us and with God.

Laziness: The common culprit

Proverbs 24:33

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest

Proverbs 20:13 

 Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty; open thine eyes, [and] thou shalt be satisfied with bread.

The fact is, we do need enough rest to function properly and for our bodies to restore, but being lazy is no excuse for sleeping late every morning.

Laziness can rob us of a few precious things, like:

  • Spending precious time with God
  • Organizing your thoughts and tasks for the day ahead.
  • Spending effective time with family or friends
  • Finding tips from the Bible through study or reading that you will probably need during the day.
  • A possibility coming your way.

Disciplining yourself

Into the early habit

I remember a time when I was very tired, but still, the Lord wanted me to wake up earlier than usual. I did not get up at that time and I reaped the rewards of being disobedient that day.

By waking up early the Lord uses this time to prepare our hearts and minds for experiences through the day, for nasty and unfriendly attitudes, heavy duties, and other surprises. Surprises do not even qualify as such anymore, you are ready!

Beautiful sunset in Alexanderbay, πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

Ready to face any challenge.

ChallEngEr πŸ’ž


7 thoughts on “Finding time to connect

  1. This is true…
    I being single, never married, no children, ( the Lord informed me that I was to be single, a Eunuch for His purposes) and presently retired, I have time on my hands. I thank the Lord for this, I now have plenty of time on my hands for seeking His Will.
    Regime is a very good thing, however you may find that the Lord may interrupt our “regime” set time, to teach us that HE will feed us as we go and move and do that which is according to His Will and purpose. I have experienced this many times. I am a very hyper type person, I most of the time could live on 5 hours sleep.
    The Lord deals with each person on a very individual basis, what may be good for you, may not be the best for someone else. I am going to do a posting on this in near future.
    Lord bless you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.
    In His Eternal Love…..

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