You are God’s best option

Tribute in honor of Madiba

Gideon was hanging around, just being what he thought about himself and walking around with the identity he and others formed about himself.

(Judges 6:11-13)

Well, he was in for a big surprise! He reached a point in his life where he felt like he was in the valley of shadows, invisible to everyone, not worthy; until a heavenly visit shook his tiny world. The angel greeted and acknowledged him as a brave man!

Jeremiah 29:1

I know the thoughts I have for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you.

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Madiba was just an ordinary boy somewhere in a small village, not even a small town. Oh my, but when he reached his youth, we started seeing a liberal fight for freedom through values of peace and humanity. Right through his childhood, he saw his people struggling through the slavery of Apartheid and because of his strive for peace, things changed for South Africa.

The moment when Gideon allowed himself to be in God’s hand their enemies were destroyed, using a man who saw himself as a weakling.

It took God a process of heavenly counseling to change his thoughts that limited himself, not being aligned to God’s word.

Yes, you are good enough!

You are God’s best option!

ChallEngEr ❤

Unique armour from Pexels


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