Greasing the machine

Conflict: Final

Before I could finalize this series about conflict , I first had to write a poem as sometimes certain aspects are truly emphasize through figures of poetry.And still , as I am writing the end of this series about conflict , there are still so much to be said about the topic.

I started writing about it , not because I’m an expert , but I do have experienced many encounters with different situations.Mostly I only stood and abiding in the Lord Jesus and this made it so much easier to bear and overcome.Sometimes I even inisiated the conflict.

Now, communication is contrasting to conflict.Conflict , as I’ve mentioned in Part 1 can be triggered by feelings ,antagonism or bad management .I cannot express conflict without communication.Any relationship or business can be ruined through conflict and thus causing the flow to get stuck somehow and this can have an even bigger impact on those around us.

The ministry of Jesus consists of many aspects like preaching, teaching , healing , deliverence and showing compassion , but He had a constant awareness to those who walked with him , witnessing His ministry.He needed the disciples to share in the disciplines of this business.However , he did find some weak links.

How to deal with weak links

1.Always starts with yourself. How do I handle or react towards the situation?

2.Do I pull the rope or do I let go ?

3.Be assertive and careful speaking

4.Be kind and patient with one another.


6.Be humble , but firm.

7.Strive for peace not conflict.

Conflict resolution just needs universal me to make a difference where I’m at.

I am the difference.

The team begins with me.

Photo by Anas Aldyab from Pexels

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