Funky woollen hat

I’ve been thinking about crocheting myself a hat , but I wanted to give it a little twist.It is quite cold now in the early morning , but later the days warms up a little bit.It is also very windy sometimes and then a hat like this will be very handy.

I used a 4.5 chrochet pen and and white double thread wool .

First I started with 10 chainstitches and pulled together to form the center of the hat.

Then I used 3 chainstichitches and closed it off .I completed the row with this method and started a new row to continue until it fits the round shape on my head .

Once I’ve reach the end of my shape I started with a new row , double crocheting in one loop to begin the sides of my hat.

I finished it with 7 rows .You can even prolonge this part to protect you from summer heat.

Then I started at the bottom of the cap shape and form the same chain rows upwards onto the existing to give it a little character.

To finish it off I decided to move away from the ordinary tossle or flower , but made a bow of an old jeans.

My daughter thinks crocheting is a bit old fashioned , but I surprised her with this project.

Love to createโค



15 thoughts on “Funky woollen hat

  1. Used to do this with my mom. For a boy I really loved crocheting, even took it to school one time in 5th class. Other boys made fun of me but I started knitting too. F*** their opinions right?

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