Conflict Part 2

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Going through the ordeal

In my previous post about conflict I wrote about conflict in our everyday lives and how to be able to discern it.

Conflict part 1

Today I want to focus on how to handle these situations and how to deal with it.Conflict situations comes in different ways and directions.When you are not ready for these sudden attacks , it can knock you totaly off balance.

When I was teaching at a small school , I had a fellowship meeting with grade 7 learners over the weekend.We used one of my other colleague’s classroom for some presentations and activities.After the weekend, on Monday , a very unhappy colleague burst into the staffroom …straight to me.

What was my reaction.

Firstly , keep in mind that I did not expect this at all.

1.I sat down and listened …to the flood of words

2.When he finished , I waited for 5 more seconds before I spoke.

3.I answered softly and apologizing .


A gentle answer turns away wrath,
    but a harsh word stirs up anger.

This verse became a mighty weapon in my hands over the years.I won every time , through Christ in me.

The outcome

I bet you all have seen a balloon blowing off slowly!Well , I literally saw this happened infront of me and afterwards he apologized to me.I accepted with a dear and loving smile.

This is just a small portion of one of the ordeals people can go through.I should probably rate this type of conflict a level one .

Point taken : Conflict is a weapon Satan uses to destroy relationships .He uses misunderstandings , hate , jealously inner turmoil and many other to ignite conflict.When we are at peace with ourselves and in the Lord , any storm can raise its currents against us.Are you going to sink into depression ?Or self pity?

Be strong.BEAT IT !



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