Triumphant songs for rain

The Richtersveld is a region in the Northern Cape in South Africa.I  reckon not even many South Africans know where this is.This region is called a semi – desert area as it is very dry .It is still known for its traditional ways , gravel roads  and beautiful rock formations.

I am not originally from this part of South Africa , but I met my husband here as I accepted a teaching post here.

For the last few years now it hasn’t  been raining , until  this week!We welcomed  the rain with beautiful scenes from the Richtersveld National Park .

In this area people are still farming with livestock , so they were thrilled about the rain.

I’ve  read this poem today about the importance of saving our water sources.You can read more about it here : Water

The people in this area are really struggling with water as some of the little towns did not even have fresh water for years.

Even in this pandemic one of the key resources , is water.

After all…something good can still happen in a place like ours.



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