Ready to face GIANTS ?

First, check your identity.

This morning I went for my early morning walk again in a misty Alexanderbay.These walks are  intimate moments with me and the Lord Jesus as I opens up my heart and pour out  my insecurities to Him .

As I started confessing , the following question streamed into my mind : Why was David able to face and defeit Goliath as he was only a sherperdboy and not the welltrained soldiers of king Saul ?

(1 Samuel 17)

The Lord provided me the answer just then .David knew his identity and in whom it resides.His great character was filled with the brave Spirit of the Lord.He did not know fear.He knew that the One in him was greater then he who is in the world.

There are so many giants in life today trying to mock us and trample on us.Wordly giants did not scare away David  from any situation.

He did not speak back to the giant , Goliath ; he challenged him in the name of the Lord.He won the fight!

1 Samuel  17

22 David … ran to the battle lines …

Be strong  .Check your identity.Take charge , even with little strength!

Be inspired.❤ ChallEngEr


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