Recycling inspiration

I love recycling, because everyone at home can help sometimes.This week I got the idea to do something with extra vinyl tiles laying around in the garage. Today I was inspired by my son who took an empty teabox that was on its way to the bin, and asked me for something to decorate it with for his sister.

I decided to join in on the challenge and signed up for a few small projects while preparing supper.

Project 1 : extra spice rack

I cutted the vinyl to match the different areas of boxes .

I finished it off with vinyl on the inside and showcased my piece .

Project  Gene (son ) :

Accessories container

My daughter’s hobby is trying  different natural styles with her hair , so she always needs containers for hair  accessories.After my son helped with finishing the tea box I  spraypainted it white to match her  room decor.

Project 3: Indoor veggies and herbs

I love to plant my own veggies and herbs and was planning to bring them indoors. I started on my project with an empty margarine tub and an old wallhanger.I removed the top part of the tub for a smooth finish.I spraypainted it white and glued it to the hanger .I filled it with potting soil , baby spinach and mint and make sure to put it where it catch enough sunlight.

Todays projects helped me to declutter and organizing  systems in my kitchen .

Doing all at once , Mom !

Love to create



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