Is Covid 19 the only one spreading decay and turmoil everywhere ?

Since the  dawn of Covid 19 the world appeared to be shadowed by fear , pain and uncertainty.People need hope , something to hold onto.

When my daughter got sick  I went into my room to pray for her and as I got up to leave the room the Lord reminded  me of the scripture Isaiah 53:4 , so I took this weapon and released it over the situation by speaking and claiming it.As I went for the door again ,I suddenly felt the urge to remind God of my tithing.As I did this the situation with my daughter’s  health  changed immediately.

Since late last year the Spirit of God started to minister to me about my words and  timing of speaking .When I adhered to the teaching of the Holy Spirit I started  to notice some changes appearing in my attitude , thinking and words.

Our words and actions  must be measured by what brings glory, honor, and praise to God, not what elevates us or makes us feel accomplished. God not only sets the standard , but is the standard.When we speak , our words should be aligned  with the power and positivity of His word giving hope to those around us , influencing their thoughts with the influx of light.

A week ago I wrote about how to benefit  from the word of God . can also create a change in the world , around us and inside of us by ministering the word,even to ourselves !

 Galatians 5

“A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough.”

Even one line of scripture has enormous power to changed a situation. I read a post about how toxic the workplace can be on and I related to that ; I do have the power to change that …with the words I chooses from God.

Call me old fashioned, but I started to use bookmarks again with scriptures on to memorize  the Word .I put them on my desk , walls , cupboards  to be reminded  as I am a visual learner.

I chose to speak up !

Speak out! Claim it!

Be inspired


Appreciating our culture

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