Same old reading ?

I’ve seen so many children struggling to read during my teaching career and I’ve also seen so many teachers ignoring these learners expecting them to learn along on the same old boring way.Other children can read well , but are not much interested in books.I remember how I used to hide away reading a book as a child when my mom called me to run an errand for her , clinging on to that book.

Well , times have changed and so should our approach to teaching children to read and to be interested in reading.

Orientation presentation

While I was preparing some activities for the grade 4 and 5 classes to return to school again , pop – up books came to my mind.But isn’t it for elementary school learners ?With some improvising and creativity , these grades can be drawn into great fun moments of reading using pop up books.

What are different with pop up books ?

– It is interesting and fun.

– It stimulates the brain

– It is more visual and colorful

– It creates a sense of reality , but on the other hand stimulates the imagination.

– it is more appealing to kinesthetic and visual learners.

-It is fun … and so much more !

Here are some ideas.You will only need different color sheets of A 4 paper , glue, scissors, pictures , an old book cover or cardbox and vinyl.The learners will use two pieces of cardboard for the cover of book.Fold the sheets in halve and cut different splits , one inch apart.

Fold the little pop -up sqaures to the inside and glue the different sheets together.Glue a piece of white sheet underneath each pop-up.

Put some vinyl onto the front of the pictures as well as on the white part as it serves as the writing area.The vinyl allows the learner to wipe the writing off easily .It also allows the teacher to sanitize these areas.Learners will be writing their own stories on these books and present their stories to the class.

The pictures are glued onto the pop-up sqaures and also onto the background .

These activities can be a great stimulus for good writing.Pop up books will work effectively in foundation phase and intermediate phase and can also be use by parents to stimulate their toddlers at home.

I also started a project with grade 7 called : Around the country with 20 books and pom poms.

Be creative.Have fun .

Be inspired


Border between South Africa and Namibia

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