A Snazzy DIY All-in one Bag

DIY Recycled Bag

We all have unwanted and non- usable fabrics like old curtains or bedding at home.Throw away …No !Recycle !

Moms , female teachers, teenagers , young women – simply all woman have different bags for different purposes , for different occasions. Look at a woman’s bag and you can tell me about her character.

I am a teacher and is constantly carrying stuff around from home to school and back…everyday. I started with recycling curtains and bedding I do not use anymore, taking up all the storage .This is how I created my bag just using a 4.5 crochet pen and strips of an old duvet of my daughter’s bed.

The easy part is to crochet the different sections of the bag individually. I started with fifty chainstitches for the front and back crocheting to the length I want my bag to be.

These two sections of the bag are the biggest parts .I challenged myself to incorporate a heart on the front part of the bag .I simply use my crochet pen to do this.Another way is to use a needle for a nice embroidered inset.

To give it a neat look I gave it a frame all around again with my crochet pen.

I made three other parts for the two sides using 15 chainstitches and one for the base with 10 chainstitches.

After this comes the more challenging part … to put the pieces together making sure it fits nicely before you starting stiching or crocheting it together.

Finally I used 50 chainstitches , crocheting it to form two handles for the bag.You can really use any other way to form the handles of the bag using the strips of material like braiding it together.Lastly cut off all unnecessary pieces sticking out after you’ve pill it threw with crocheting pen

This is exactly how I want my everyday – carry to be like: enough space for necessary books , lunch and my waterbottle.

Custom made …for my specific needs.

Love to create



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