Turning an old curtain into a beautiful rectangular rug

I’ve always wanted to crochet my own rugs out of fabric.It is quick ,simple and easy to make without spending lots of money on expensive carpets.By the way , now I can get rid of old bedding and other clothes cluttering up in cupboards. It is also a easy way to generate an extra income for you .

I simply took old curtains of mine and cut it into strips and then I rolled it into balls to prepare it for crocheting.

I wanted a rug for the bathroom to match the current colour scheme. It is up to you to decide on the purpose of the carpet and measurements. I started with 30 chainstitches.

I used a 4.50 cm crochet pen and pulled the strips through the chains into a rectangular shape.

It is up to you to decide on the length of the rug. In this rug I used two methods to crochet the strips together to show you the difference .

First I tied the strips together and the knots on the outside give the rug a unique character.

I also used another way to overlap the pieces , crocheting it into the rug .

When the rug is the length of my choice I started to crochet a border around it to give it a neat look , although it is not neccesarry.It can be made without the border and will still look pretty.

The loose fabric strings on the outside of the rug can be neatly cut with scissors.I used my crochet pen to pull extra pieces through the openings of the rug and cut off extra pieces.

Finally my rug is finished .It took me two days, but it can be done in 2 hours.It depends on how fast you crochet.

Love to create



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