Reading Rewards

To get some kids into reading can be quite a challenge. Learners must be constantly rewarded for every little bit of success in their reading experience.

Now that learners are back at school I decided to start off with a reading project: A trip around the country …

Books will be available from our school library where learners choose their own books on our first topic. I brainstormed several ideas and decided to start with fun bookmarks and 20 books. Bookmarks are a piece of cake, but it should be fun and different. They serve as a reminder to read and encourage.

You will need

I just used a few strips of manilla, pom poms, glue, vinyl contact, pictures, and scissors. You can also choose to laminate your bookmarks.

Cutting out the strips after the motivational texts were pasted onto the them and covered with laminate or adhesive vinyl .

Now you can add your pom poms with glue onto the bookmarks and let it dry.

Check out : How to make  Pom pom artwork

Love to create.

Be inspired.

ChallEngEr šŸ’ž


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