Back to school in a rural community

Although school  has already started for  grade 7, we are still preparing  different rooms , revised curriculum  and classroom administration for the other grades.To me it feels like the beginning of a whole new school year.

But I reason  that the anxieties  of parents and learners must also be adhered to.Some parents are insecure to send their  children back to school.On the other hand , most learners can’t  wait to return to school although they are not sure what to expect.

During level 4 and 5 of the lockdown period I was in contact with my learners using  WhatsApp. So I decided to use the same platform to inform them and the parents of any news on their return to school. Data is a big issue in our rural areas ,because of the social economic standard of most parents and remoteness.

I created a video to inform parents and learners what are expected when learners enter the schoolpremises.

Grade 7 learners entering school

Many schools put up all these signs of Covid 19 , as they are obliged to do so.We did also , but added little friendliness to it.I even created a warm and inviting feeling in my classroom to chase away fear.

Keeping in mind that we are teaching in a inclusive community with poverty an issue , I should be prepared to have extras in class.Extra pencils pens, rulers and even books .

I am an English First additional Language teacher , so reading is a major issue in my class.Our language of communication is 80 % Afrikaans and the Native language Nama today is about 5 % .Learners must be inspired and encouraged to participate in English.In the Apartheids regime the black South Africans were forced to be educated in Afrikaans.

Teaching in a rural community has many challenges and forces teachers to think creatively.It promotes many opportunities to get involve in the community.



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