Fun Pom pom slippers

To crochet your own slippers  or give to someone as a present can be fun, especially when you just have to add pom poms.You can do this in 30 minutes altogether.

You just need wool , soles of your old slippers, pom poms , glue gun, needle and thread.

I started crocheting the foot base with 10 chainstitches to form the anckle section of the foot. Then I added 7 more chains for the front section and crochet according to my footsize.

I made  8 pom poms.It depends on how you want your front part to look like.You can check out here how I make my pom poms fast and easy without any gadgets.

I took old slippers of mine , cut of the material  and cleaned up the soles.

I glued the crocheted  parts to the soles and pressed it to make sure it is set  firmly.

Finally I use the needle and thread to stitch  the pom poms together for the front top part of the slipper and stitched  it to the side part of the bases.

Use your scissors to cut off some  extra long pieces of your pom poms.

As easy as pom poms !

Try it.

Check out  my post about pom pom Art here :

Pom pom art

Love to create



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