Fun with pallets

Pallets can be use to make anything the way you like it.That is what I like about them.

I found some  pallets laying  around in a backyard.I wanted to make a piece of furniture to use as a coffee table or pedestal for my bed,but it should have a plant  in the center.

I asked a carpenter at our school  to make it for me and this is how it turned out.It can be varnished ,  painted or whitewashed.

Spool planter

I have a small backyard , so I have to be very creative to share our backyard with my vegetables and our two dogs.This one I made myself.With the help of my husband we saw off the other halve of the spool and painted it white.

Now it was time for the fun part.I filled it with parts of soil and compost and planted some herbs and veggies in it.Now I can easily move it around to a sunny spot in my backyard.

Love to create



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