Making art with pom poms

Let’s  go wild with pom poms.

I saw someone making a painting of a dandelion with waterpaint.I immediately  visualized the flowers for pom poms .

So I decided to create a pom pom wall hanger.I used old cardboard , a sheet of A 3 paper, black wool , paint and different colour pom poms .

First I draw a picture  of the flower with pencil  and used glue to outline the stems  on the A 3 paper .

I marked of the sides about 30 cm on each side , cut it accordingly an glued it onto a piece of cardboard.I stripped off the first layer of the carboard to show the riffled side.

Then I took 4 long strips and marked it for the length of the picture  and glued two pieces  next to each other on the  sides following with the top and bottom of the picture.

I painted the  cardboard strip  on the inside a  white colour.Make sure the paint and glue are thoroughly set and dry .

Now to finish it off I put a string onto the back of the painting with a piece of tape .

Easy and lots  of fun to make

Be inspired.


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The pin that inspired me.

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