Waiting infront of an open door

As I passed a colleague’s  classroom I saw two grade 7 girls struggling to unlock the door.I offered  my help and tried once to turn the key , but nothing happened.Then I turn  the door handle and the door opened.The two girls looked surprisingly at each other.

Then , right then I heard the Holy Spirit speaking to my spirit.”STANDING BEFORE AN OPEN DOOR

I walked away from them repeating the words of the Holy Spirit .I just knew those words was meant  for me to be heard.So delicate , yet powerful drop into my spirit !

“I could hit myself ! For how long have I been standing before an open door ?” These were my immediate  thoughts  .

Look I have set before you an open door …”

Revelation 3.8

How many times did we  pray for something and  not really expecting  God to answer so soon or to answer at all.Or how many times could we not see our breakthrough ?

Our God is just and faithful and committed  Himself to provide our every need according to His will .

Trust God.


Richtersveld , Orangeriver

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