A close eye on a child’s interest

Parents sometimes have their own expectations and dreams for their children.They want them to follow in their steps or force them into the career they think will be best suited for their children.Until one day this child starts collecting rocks , feathers and just any other strange stuff !

I have an 8-year old boy , now in grade 3.Late last year he started bringing me different kinds of rocks he picked up on his way to my classroom before he headed home.We are living just across the school. I was busy with lessons everytime he got there , so I just put it in my top drawer and…forget about it.The excuse…TOO BUSY !One of the rocks in his collection comes from a mine ‘ s waste which my brother took and it ended in my son’s collection.The other rock he took from my uncle’s garden .It was quite a challenge to get it from him as he is also a collecter for his garden.

So , one day as we were walking to school , my son went to a tree in the schoolyard and picked a up a heart-shaped rock which he hid there the previous day.He gave it to me and just there…something got my attention.It was there that the voice if the Holy Spirit talked to me who had been signaling me messages about this for some time now.

When my daughter was at school I wanted her to become a teacher .She said NEVER.So I proposed a pharmacist and we applied for it too, but she ended up doing Information Technology and Systems.

Sometimes we as parents forget that we had been asking the Lord that His will be done in our children’s lives.We forget reminding the Lord Jesus about the plans that He has for our children : plans to prosper them…a hope and a future .( Jer.29.11)

So I started collecting my son’s rocks and display it in my livingroom.It attracts so much interest amongst our guest asking around some of the rocks.I am keeping a close eye on his interests now to do research on possible careers.


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