How to turn an old chair into a focus feature in your garden

Bothered with old stuff  laying  around ?There are always  non – usable  items laying around in the garage or storeroom.Maybe your favorite item broke or something.

I do not easily  throw away items that can be recycled .By recycling these items , you get a chance to decorate some areas in your garden or elsewhere.

My sister – in – law moved to another province and gave me 2  wooden chairs.After some time , it broke and I put it away into the storeroom.

I found it after some time and turned it into a pot holder right next to my front door.I freshened it up with  some paint and put a round steel bowl , which I found in someone else’s  trash, in it .I put in some easy to grow succulents and covered it with shells on top.

Just about 30 minutes and I was done.

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