How to handle social bullying

Being part of a group is certainly  a main issue  for most young people .They have a desire to belong and to feel appreciated. They want to make a special  contribution to their generation.

When my daugter went to high school she had to cope with social bullying .A group of girls felt that she  was too focussed  on her studies  and probably  did not like it.She did not prefer being part of a group , but had just one best friend.They tried everything to make the school experience  unpleasant , until  one day  that she told me about this.

Sometimes parents fight these battles for their children , but I decided to coach her to be brave and stood up for herself.Of course  it was not easy .It depends on the character of the teen.If  he or she is usually an independent  person  , they will defend themselves .I told her to beat them at their own game and it worked ! Teens definitely  need guidance on how to handle different situations coming their way .I think we can call it life coaching.

When a teen does not have a strong identitiy who they are and do not know the potential that is hidden inside of them ,  they  will struggle coping with issues coming their way .

The action plan

Teachers and parents must make learners aware of true potential inside of them .It needs to be activated.The greatest start to activate is  through prayer.I cannot emphasize  prayer enough , because it strengthens both the learner as well as the  person praying.Through prayer we asked God to step into the situation.

We  encourage learners  and prefects to speak up and identify any kind of bullying  at school.At our school we are constantly on the look out for bullies .In my own experience  it has always worked even if it takes time.It will be so much easier if all the roleplayers could be effectively involve.

In some cases , like in my son’s  case , the parent has  to act  immediately  and remove the  teen from that environment ; after few a interventions  did not help.

It helps to talk about the issue with the teen at home without letting your fears and worries taking over .Be calm , but concerned ; giving advice.

These are my own experiences and how I handled some of it with my children.As I said previously , there are expert advice giving many information which I also read.But most of the time I seek my guidance from God.

My daughter in Grade 8
Anti – bully workshop

4 thoughts on “How to handle social bullying

  1. Such a powerful post. My heart breaks for anyone who is bullied. I feel their pain because I too was bullied from grade six until I finally switched schools during my senior year. It got so bad that I attempted suicide at age 14 and almost didn’t make it. But luckily I survived the attempt and now, I use what I went through to help those who are bullied today. I believe in turning negatives into positives and if I can help one, just one bullied victim see their worth and go on living, then I know what I endured all those years ago wasn’t in vain. And I get healing and closure from it. Thank you so much for posting this! 🙂 ❤

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