It is the second day since schools started for us teachers in the Northern Cape.I woke up at the urgent sound on my alarm clock.Immediately awake , my thoughts are going into the getting _ ready mode for the day.Where to start ?

As I decided to make a cup of coffee , the Holy Spirit made me to ponder upon the aroma that is spreading because of the coffee for a few minutes , hanging in the air.

Then He made me recall all the words I spoke during my first day at school …and I was so ashamed of myself.After my beautiful morning prayer time , I did not guard my mouth.

I remembered all the negative words spoken and also what my words were suppose to spread.

Proverbs 31: 26

The Lord reminded and corrected my behaviour in such a way that I will be constantly aware throughout the day of my spoken words.I cannot be responsible for other’ s words , I can choose when I speak and in what manner.


A cup of coffee on your way is such an ordinary thing , but it claims the space where you are at with its aroma travelling in the air .So my words , when spoken becames active and immediately causes a spiritual reaction in the situation and persons they are directing to .These spoken words can cause a positive – or negative impact and actually worsen situations.

Eph.4:29 NLT

The above verse is a good summary and sollution for my bad behaviour corrected by the Holy Spirit.

I realise that there is so much to say about this topic , but it all started with realization :

Do I know what the impact of my words can have ?

In my next Take away we will talk about The explosion of my words .

Let us take great care of ourselve and others through positive words.

Till next time.



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