How to use ordinary coffee as a beauty treatment .

Coffee was never my cup of …. coffee !I just could not drink it , especially in the morning ; but I loved the aroma of it filling a room .

While I was looking for ways to kickstart my metabolism to loose weight , I came across COFFEE.So I started liking it …I was desperate to loose some weight.

As I read more about the uses of coffee I also found out about that it can be use as a mask for the face or hands.

1.Here is how to make a mask or scrub for your face.

Take two teaspoons of coffee granules .I love to put them in my palm, but you can put it a bowl .

Then you add a teaspoon of honey .

Add little drops of luke warm water and rub the mixture in your palms and apply it onto your face in gentle circular movements until dry.

Rinse with lukewarm water and dry your face with a towel.

Apply a moisturiser afterwards.

2.Coffee scrub for hands

It is necessary to mix two or three teaspoons of plain black coffee with a few drops of liquid soap. Then apply to hands and carefully massaged few minutes. Mixture, rinse with warm water and apply a hand cream. After this procedure, the hands and skin become soft .

Now why use coffee ?

Coffee serves as a natural exfoliate which removes dead cells and leaves the skin soft .I use honey with coffee as a facemask as a natural moisturiser .

I use these masks two times a week.

Try it , feel and see the difference !

Let me know what you think.



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