The danger in your pool

Namastad Campsite outside Springbok

Last year we visited a campsite just outside Springbok and came upon this sign.We found it quite funny , because there is no way for a shark to be found in a pool of water.

But if you could look closely , you cannot really determine the depth and underlying dangers .

During a Leadership follow – up Camp for grade 7 learners we took the group to a rural, but beautiful Campsite next to the Orangeriver to prepare them for their duties .While the adults and preparation team were preparing supper, learners were relaxing after an exhausting day.As I took a routine walk between the huts , I noticed the lights in one hut being switched on and off. So , I went to investigate and came onto a group playing some kind of occult game.When I asked them they told me that it was just a silly game and that everyone were playing these games.

I sat down with them and explained the dangerous implications of such games.They listened intentively and at the end they asked me to pray for them.I simply asked them to pray after me and renounce all occult activities and afterwards asked the Lord Jesus for their protection.

Of course , teens like to experiment different things which can have a tremendous impact on their life and future.These kind of games are very carefully introduced to learners by members of witchcraft to inisiate them into the world of occult.

Therefore , teachers , youth workers or any other group or person working closely with youth groups must pray for the constant protection from the Lord Jesus for their groups .

Danger does not always wait for you to meet them , they sometimes introduce themselves.

I am eager to hear about your experiences.

Take care…till next time and remember to


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