I am a qualified teacher and mom. I believe that teaching a child is through inspiration and leading them towards their true identity in Christ.

How can a blind lead a person who already is not sure what route to choose? (Matt.15:4)They will both fall into the pit. One should have first had a clear vision and also a sense of true identity yourself.

Being yourself, for teenagers, is probably one of the most difficult experiences! I choose to call it an experience because it involves such a great part of your soul, so many feelings. To create a real identity- filled encounters for teens, you need to generate a strong relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ yourselves.

Only a few teachers or youth workers desire to follow the identity pathway to educate and develop teens.

So many teenagers are standing in front of a crossroads. Are you going to let them toss a coin and choose or are you going to get involved?


… so I decided to get involved in my community !

I had to come up with a plan of action. Here are a few ideas if your heart longs to reach out to the people in your community :

1.Search your heart

During the lockdown period, we should not be isolated from our prayers and dreams. This is the time to prepare ahead, to listen carefully to the passionate and calm voice of the Holy Spirit. You have to be sure of your intentions and that is not going to be an easy road trip.

2. Vision

A clear vision of where you want to lead your group and the qualities you want them to experience and develop through the Holy Spirit for their lives.


People like youth workers and teachers are already in a more advantaged position because of their position and therefore recruiting would not be such an issue. These people are usually the initiators of youth – or teen programs, which take us to the next step. As we will be working with mostly minors we need the consent of their guardians and parents. We need to make sure learners are carefully selected according to the objectives of the course of the programs.

4.Get a crew on board

You are the vision bearer and have to carefully pray for guidance to compile an effective crew depending on your objectives as well as the target group.Therefore , your crew can change everytime , because of different needs of groups.The crew must get a glance into your vision to know what they can contribute .Regular meetings and updates with your crew will give them a sense of sharing the vision.Everyone must feel welcome and needed even if someone does not have a strong relationship with the lord Jesus Christ.This gives them a chance to grow and to you a chance to minister to them as well.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. —African Proverb

5.Setting up a programme

Bearing in mind the age-groups , you have to set up a fun-filled , but educational program to set the pace for a follow-up program. All stakeholders must prepare and communicate their presentation to you first and making sure all resources are in place.

6.Sponsorships and financing of programmes

Communicating personally with your sponsors first is a great way to start. Do not be discouraged if the first couple of sponsors reply with negative answers. Perseverance in faith is the key !Praying together as a crew will be a great comfort and present you as a unity. Sometimes it helps if possible sponsors could see the efforts made by you to raise funds yourselves. When meeting with sponsors it would be great if you prepared a file with your objectives and plans and how they can contribute. If you do not meet with them in person, you can mail them the file after contacting them.

7. Preparations and booking of venues

Things are falling in place now. Everyone is excited. Different groups in crew start to plan, prepare to make sure everything is ready for your workshop or camp. Lists are being made for participants to start packing.


Get everyone together to do some activities with the group before launching the main program. Pray together. Make sure everyone knows what is expected of them. Have fun…

9.During the program

Be vigilant as a team. Discerning the attacks of the enemy during the development of the program. Give frequent breaks during the program. Different needs of group members will be highlighted during the program. Take advantage of it. Isolate teen immediately and give counseling according to the Holy Spirit. Try to lead as many of them to the Lord Jesus, breaking down strongholds.


After a successful event, the crew must come together to give praise and thanks to the Lord Jesus. The vision bearer must continue to pray for the group and ask the Lord for a follow-up program.

Grade 7 Leadership Orientation

The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.

Why wait ? It is a leap of faith that will lead to a few more as you all start to come together and be transformed into a giant leap of faith…

I hope you will find this usefull and most of all : INSPIRING.




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